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abc XYZ Anyfront Vienna

published on 30. Nov. 2020

In the frame of the R&D project ’Green.Resilient.City’ the GREENPASS® technology was used to evaluated and optimized the design drafts in regard to climate resilience and support the final jury decision.

ABC XYZ in Vienna is with approx. 240 ha one of the largest urban development areas in Europe. The neighborhood is built around an artificial lake and shall be home for more than 20.000 people till 2028. The Anyfront is with approx. 10 ha the fillet area and was developed within a 2-stage urban development competition in the year 2019.

A GREENPASS® Pre-Certification has been applied as support for the competition host and jury. In the first stage, 10 design drafts have been analyzed with a qualitative climate check. In the second stage the final 6 drafts have been analyzed by a quantitative climate check and ranked regarding their climate resilience performance as fact-based decision support for the jury. The competition winner got further optimized towards climate resilience performance. Finally, the analysis results and findings have been included into an official guideline for the upcoming building development to ensure the design’s qualities.


Products & Services | Projects