Beatrixkwartier | climate-fit urban district

Implementing the data-based GREENPASS analysis regarding climate resilience & urban environmental impact into the planning the City of The Hague is retrofitting the central district towards a sustainable & innovative quarter.

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Beatrixkwartier | climate-fit urban district

The Beatrixkwartier in the City of The Hague is an existing modern financial district close to the city center. The municipalities aim is to create an inspirational environment, where both commercial use & housing can be found in the district. The goal is to develop integrative and climate-fit solutions for a sustainable & green urban quarter, connected with an innovative design process & dialogue. Supervised by the national O-Team the municipality invited two international architectural offices to draft a green re-densification design of the district.

<p class="gp-blog-image-legend">Beatrixkwartier | (C) Posad Maxwan</p>

Besides external stakeholders the team was additionally supported by two specialized offices in the field of sustainability/energy & climate resilience. Consequently, a climate resilience handbook has been produced by GREENPASS at the beginning of the retrofit design phase for a green, climate- fit & future-proof urban district in The Hague.

GREENPASS supported us in accurately proofing the climate performance of the initial situation & the first concepts for the Beatrixkwartier. At a next step the design drafts were optimized – based on evidence through data-driven analysis – to make this urban district in The Hague more climate-proof and liveable.“

PhD Wiebke Klemm
Senior Policy Advisor at Municipality of The Hague

The GREENPASS climate resilience handbook served as a base for the design teams & provided detailed information about climate-resilient urban design & architecture. Besides the general information about the relevant topic & the location it contained Do’s & Don’ts, an Urban Climate Tutorial & an analysis of the initial situation (status quo) as well as a first concept design (Concept Gebiedsagenda) based on a GREENPASS Climate Check.

Additionally, a standardized Worst Case & Best Case scenario have been developed, to illustrate & classify the potential of the individual location in terms of climate-resilience. The numerical performance values from the GREENPASS Key Performance Scores served as a base for the O-Team & the municipality to compare the two design drafts with the mentioned worst & best case scenarios. The holistic environmental assessment is covering 5 urban challenges: climate, water, air, biodiversity & energy.

„We highly value the results & the optimization proposals from the GREENPASS Climate Check. They were a great source & guide for adapting the design process & the design iteself to become more climate resilient. By implementing these measures for the first time within the work of the O-Team, we can bring additional benefits to the quality of the designs & thereby to the city & its residents.“

operating on behalf of the Dutch Ministry of the Interior & Kingdom Relations (BZK)

The design drafts have been verified by a GREENPASS Climate Check (powered by ENVImet) & analyzed regarding their strengths & weaknesses. Both designs improve the situation compared to before, shown by the GREENPASS Key Performance Scores. Moreover, the design teams got individual & specific optimization measures how to improve their designs effectively. This allowed a data-driven & optimized design process to develop a sustainable, climate-fit & futureproof urban district.


The various results of the GREENPASS analysis have been included & considered in the design process as well as in the final recommendations from the decision makers. The state-of-theart, software-based GREENPASS analysis enabled the quantification & validation of issues regarding climate resilience, greenery & sustainability performance within the design process of urban retrofit developments.

„For future-proof urban developments environmental impact aspects, such as green & blue infrastructure, should be considered in order to achieve fundamentally sustainable designs“

Remko Slavenburg
Urban Planner Municipality of The Hague

<p class="gp-blog-image-legend">Beatrixkwartier | Comparison and optimization (C) GREENPASS</p>


Conclusively, recommendations for the re-densification of the Beatrixkwartier were specified by the O-Team. The results of the process have been officially documentated & will serve as a showcase & stepping stone for climate-resilient urban developments in the Netherlands.

„The Beatrixkwartier in the City of The Hague underlines that fact-based design & decision making is crucial & supporting the development of impactful, future-proof & climate-fit urban districts on retrofit level“

DI Florian Kraus

A green design is not only good for climate adaptations & biodiversity, but also supports & enhances socio-economic values and benefits. For the further design phase of the Beatrixkwartier, multiple recommendations & technical advice have been made available by the O-Team, to improve & optimize the urban quarter continuously regarding future-proofness, climate-fitness & sustainabilty in the City of The Hague.

Name Beatrixkwartier, The Hague
Project-ID NL-2020-002



Address Beatrixkwartier CID,
NL 2500 Den Haag
Location 52.08056, 4.33457
Area approx. 21 ha
Completion 2020/2021


<p class="gp-blog-image-legend">Pre-eximination of design drafts for Beatrixkwartier | Visualization by LOLA Landscape Architects (C) GREENPASS</p>
<p class="gp-blog-image-legend">Heatmap Beatrixkwartier powered by ENVImet (C) GREENPASS</p>


<p class="gp-blog-image-legend">Beatrixkwartier | (C) Posad Maxwan
<p class="gp-blog-image-legend">Beatrixkwartier | Visualization | (C) LOLA Landscape Architects