GREENPASS® development

GREENPASS® software and methodology have been developed during various research projects over the last 8 years with a total funding of around € 4 mio.

Our worldwide applicable methodology has been developed in cooperation with well-known international research institutes, universities and 5 international model cities:



– Vienna – London – Kairo – Santiago de Chile – Hongkong. 



The outcome of the software is scientifically proven and based on ENVI-met® micro-climate simulations.

GREENPASS® technology and software have been developed under granted European and national fundings.

R&D projects


  • ERA-SME project (2011-2013): Progreencity: Adaption der Stadt an urbane Herausforderungen durch Dach- und Fassadenbegrünung.
  • ERA-SME project (2012-2015): Green4cities Development of an evaluation tool for green infrastructure and their positive effects derived for cities worldwide.
  • Wirtschaftsagentur Wien (2015-2016): Greenpass editor