See some common questions about GREENPASS


Our GREENPASS Software is an innovative planning-, evaluation- and certification tool for climate resilient urban planning.
How was it developed?

The GREENPASS Software and methodology were scientifically developed in the course of various international research projects over a time period of more than 8 years.

What does it do?

It makes the effect of building measures on their environment visible, measurable and comparable – powered by ENVI-met®.

How can it be used world wide?

From the beginning GREENPASS was designed for worldwide application. Therefor the methodology was developed in cooperation with five model cities in different climate zones: Hong Kong, London, Cairo, Santiago de Chile and Vienna.

How can I achieve climate resilience with GREENPASS?

GREENPASS Software enables to find the design with the highest climate resilience by optimizing materials, shapes, alignments, NBS and GI etc. for the site given.

Does GREENPASS consider the local weather?
Weather conditions are only short-term impacts. GREENPASS evaluates the long-term climate performance based on a standardized set of key performance indicators (KPIs).
What KPIs are considered?
Depending on the tool you choose up to 31 KPIs are calculated for your project.

General infor­mation

What is NBS?
Nature-based solutions (NBS) are urban installations inspired and supported by nature: green roofs and walls, urban forests, alternative stormwater management systems, urban agriculture, etc.

NBS are cost-effective, provide pysical and environmental benefits and help to improve climate resilience and bio diversity. Furthermore they deliver a positive social factor and can deliver economic benefits.

What is GI?
GI = Green Infrastructure
This term is mostly used similar to NBS and can be summarized as the total of green objects in the urban space (e.g. trees, shrubs, lawn, green roofs, facade greening, …).
What is PET?
PET = Physiological Equivalent Temperature
It’s an indicator for the impacts of the local climate on the thermal comfort of the human body.
What is ENVI-met?
ENVI-met® is one of the world’s most popular software for microclimate simulation which shows the complex energetic and particular processes in urban areas.
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