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greenpass Check

AI-based platform for assessment of real estate climate resilience and investment impact.

Get full control for climate adaptation with 20+ meaningful KPIs and align new developments as well as your entire building stock portfolio towards the EU Taxonomy and ESG compliance with ease!

AI-based platform for assessment of real estate climate resilience and investment impact

Greenpass Check assess climate risks, resilience and investment efficiency within seconds. To reduce risks, improve returns on real estate and avoid stranded assets on single assets and portfolio level worldwide.

AI-based quick check for climate resilience of single assets, scenarios and portfolio
Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) online platform with minimal onboarding and data requirements (LOD 0)
20+ meaningful KPIs and dashboards for climate resilience, ESG and cost/benefit optimization
Comprehensive, global climate risk and resilience guidance for real estate within seconds
Adapt your real estate successfully towards climate change!
Greenpass Check Results

3 simple steps for climate-fit real estate

Investor-friendly online platform for user-friendly screening and comparisons of potential real estate investments, individual projects or scenarios and entire portfolios

Greenpass Check Step 1 Project Information

Project Information

Add a project in greenpass Check and set some simple basic informations like:

  • Name*: Name of the project
  • Adress*: Location of the project
  • Status*: Stock or New Development
  • Type*: Building Type
  • Plot Size*: Size of plot

Only 5 simple data points are mandatory to fulfill this step.

Climate adaptation & protection was never easier before!

Meaningful KPIs & Dashboards

for climate resilience, ESG and cost/benefit optimization of real estate projects and aggregated for full portfolio

Greenpass Check Results Dashboard

Comprehensive, global climate risk & resilience guidance

for real estate portfolios, projects and various adaptation or development scenarios within seconds

Climate Risk Assessment

based on global risk databases to easily and
comprehensively assess climate risks of real estate investments for current and future climate conditions

Resilience Assessment

based on sophisticated AI-driven check for 
quick and comprehensive assessment of 
climate resilience performance with 20+ KPIs related to climate, water, air, 
biodiversity and energy

Investment Guide

most efficient measures for climate resilience
and adaptation in terms of feasibility and cost/benefit efficiency for humans, 
buildings and open space in accordance 
with the identified climate risks and impact

Greenpass Check Results Dashboard


Unique AI-engine to assess climate risks, resilience and investment in seconds


Years of international R&D in climate resilience and risk assessment


Simulation-based and global datasets for unique AI-engine

Valued Benefits

greenpass Check brings plenty of benefits by hand with only one single platform

Protection against loss of property value to reduce risk of stranded assets while maximizing impact
Compliance with ESG requirements and reporting (CSRD, ESRS) using reliable and modern technology
Minimizing time, costs and effort for adaptation of single assets, scenarios and full portfolios

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