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AI-based platform for climate proof and green real estate portfolios in line with EU taxonomy


Green pass for climate proof real estate

Protect your real estate or portfolio from climate risks, build resilience and optimize your climate mitigation efforts – all in line with the EU regulations. Use powerful analytics to develop your strategy for climate mitigation and adpation and maximize return on invest and real estate value.

Climate proofing and compliance for single assets and entire portfolios

Comprehensive evaluation and optimization with regard to the climate fitness of assets in accordance with the EU taxonomy and CSRD
Prevent loss of value & reduce carbon emissions

by using reliable, state-of-the-art technology to quickly assess, optimize climate proofing and your assets CAPEX and OPEX while preventing stranded assets

Achieve ESG compliance

with sophisticated tools that deliver quantitative results for your ESG strategy and reporting and help to maximize impact and investment efficiency based on data-driven recommendations

Minimizing time, costs and effort

utilizing the power of AI and understand the climate proofness of real estate, compare assets, numerous scenarios and real estate investment opportunities as well as entire portfolios with ease

All-in-One platform for climate proofing

Climate proofing = Mitigation + Adaptation

Holistic assessment for real estate climate resilience including climate risks, mitigation, adaptation, financials and measures
Climate Risks

for current and future climate conditions (RCP scenarios) according to EU taxonomy

Climate Mitigation

Reduction of CO2 emissions, energy and costs while adhering to limit and target values

Climate Adaptation

Strengthening climate resilience with regard to climate, water, air and biodiversity

Financials & Measures

Preventing depreciation losses (stranded assets) and maximizing property value

Identify and reduce climate risks

Location-related climate risk analysis according to the EU taxonomy for current and future climate scenarios

28 physical climate risks

In the 4 categories temperature, water, wind and solids according to EU taxonomy

Today and future

Vulnerability to current and future climate conditions (RCP 2.6, 4.5, 8.5 scenarios)

Recommendations for measures

Tailor-made recommendation of measures to reduce the identified climate risks and more

Actively protect the climate and save money

Decarbonization and prevention of asset losses by reducing CO2 emissions and energy consumption – compliant with the EU taxonomy environmental goal #1

Carbon emissions

Decarbonization by reducing CO2 emissions and ecological footprint


Reducing energy consumption and costs for current and future conditions


Avoidance of asset losses by complying with national limits and targets

Strengthen adaptation and resilience

Holistic assessment and optimization with regard to climate change adaptation and resilience of assets – compliant with the EU taxonomy environmental goal #2


Optimizing climate performance and reducing climate-related impacts


Optimizing stormwater management and reducing water-related impacts


Optimizing CO2 performance and reducing air-related impacts


Optimization of biodiversity and reduction of biodiversity-related impacts

Maximizing value and controlling finances

Reduction of operating costs and optimization of property value to avoid climate-related depreciation losses

Property value

Maximizing the value and return of real estate despite risk-related losses

Energy costs

Monetary savings by reducing energy costs

Carbon costs

Reduction of CO2-related compensation costs

Costs for measures

Costs of measures for successful climate change adaptation

Measures for climate proofing and resilience

Effective and efficient measures for successful adaptation with maximum performance and minimum costs

Individual top measures

best measures from a set out of 45 green and gray measures

Cost/benefit efficiency

of the measure in terms of risk reduction, mitigation, adaptation, costs and feasibility

Potential for action

degree of implementation and potential of mitigation and adaptation measures incl. costs

3 simple steps for climate proofing

Self-service online platform for user-friendly screening and comparisons of potential real estate investments, individual projects or scenarios and entire portfolios

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Climate proofing for real estate

start now and proof your real state towards climate reslience and livability in line with ESG regulations and EU taxonomy

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