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About us

greenpass is a highly innovative ClimateTech company enabling livable cities all over the world. Our company base is Vienna – the world’s most greenest & livable city since years.


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team members & scientific background


international R&D projects


million € of funding

Our mission & vision

Providing green and livable cities with climate-fit, future-proof and high recreational value. Green and livable cities with a healthy environment for all people and nature – where people simply love living!

We enable climate-fit real estate and open space to create sustainable and livable cities for today’s and future generations.


greenpass Team

Founded in 2018 – we are an enthusiastic and growing team dealing with the topic to make our cities more livable since more than 10 years. The greenpass Team consists out of international experts from all over the world – tackling together with our Partners one of the world’s biggest challenge.

Our company DNA

Learn more about our mission, vision and core values of our company. What we do, how we do and why we do, what we do – being GREEN.


Our impact

We are proud to contribute together with our customers and partners with our innovative greenpass services and solution to a positive impact and better future with every single project development. Continuity is worth – I can’t, but we can!




m2 facade greenery


m2 green roofs


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m2 facade greenery


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Our expertise

Serving as climate-resilience expert & unique software developer we provide a holistic experience in the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, ecology, meteorology, civil engineering, spatial planning, building physics & energy.

greenpass Team

We are an unique and interdisciplinary team with lots of passion, motivation & scientific excellence – enabling livable cities all over the world.

  • Adrian Kacwin

    Product Developer

  • Antoine Roy

    Coding Engineer

  • Axel Praschag

    Project Engineer

  • Bernhard Scharf

    Chief Product Officer | CPO

  • Christian Göschl

    Chief Technical Officer | CTO

  • Christoph Lewandowski

    Head of Engineering

  • Dirk Junklewitz

    Business Development Director

  • Florian Kraus

    Chief Executive Officer | CEO

  • Jakob Moosbrugger

    Coding Engineer

  • Klemens Anger

    Team Lead Sales

  • Lukas Feichtinger

    Founders Associate

  • Magdalena Swiderek
    Magdalena Swiderek

    Business Development Director

  • Maksym Iurkov
    Maksym Iurkov

    Coding Engineer

  • picture of Martha Kogler
    Martha Kogler

    Research & Development Manager

  • Mathieu Moine

    Coding Engineer

  • Nima Vali

    Research & Development Manager, Teamlead gp editor

  • picture of Oliver Hörbinger
    Oliver Hörbinger

    Team Lead IT

  • Peter Küsters

    Co-Founder & Team Lead Sales Germany

  • Steffen Büchen

    Team Lead Project Engineering

Want to join the greenpass Team?

We are seeking for motivated talents to join our mission and vision of livable cities. Check our recent job opportunities and/or apply via our platform for your next career level!

“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us”

Winston Churchill

greenpass development

greenpass software and methodology have been developed during various research projects over the last 10 years with a total funding of around € 4 mio.

Our worldwide applicable methodology has been developed in cooperation with well-known international research institutes, universities and 5 international model cities (Vienna, London, Kairo, Santiago de Chile, Hongkong). The outcome of the software is scientifically proven and based on expert simulations and artificial intelligence (AI).

greenpass technology and software have been developed under granted European and national fundings.

Research and development projects

  • CLEVER Cities Logo
    Clever Cities

    2018 – 2023

    Co-designing Locally tailored Ecological solutions for Value added, socially inclusive Regeneration in Cities

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  • Augmented reality visualization of GLARA project

    2020 – 2022

    Green Living Augmented+Virtual ReAlity Participatory planning service for urban green & open space design

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  • Logo and visualization of GREENVALUATION project

    2019 – 2022

    Realtime monitoring and impact evaluation.

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  • Tröpferlbad 2.0

    2020 – 2022

    Technical, planning and financial implementation of a Coolspot network, with a special focus on vulnerable groups.

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