Urban Climate Architect

The GREENPASS Urban Climate Architect is a taylormade 3 day Online-course for all professionals and organizations who are interested in climate resiliant urban planning and architecture.

This course teaches you the state-of-the-art GREENPASS method which will allow you offer it to your clients.

For whom to participate

The GREENPASS UCA Training is targeted on the following groups:
  • open space planner & landscape designers
  • structural civil architects
  • urban planner & surveying offices
  • building physicists & technicians
  • auditors for building and environment certification
  • urban municipalities

Your benefit

  • competitive advantage through state-of-the-art planing- and certification tools
  • up to 90% time and cost saving on the optimization of project drafts
  • expansion of your competences with climate-resiliant urban planing and architecure
  • extension of your business area

Interested ?

What will you get

After passing the UCA Training course a short pilot project phase will follow to exercise and consolidate the learned within a real-life situation.

This course makes you to an official GREENPASS Partner and you are able to provide the GREENPASS Services to your customers and clients.

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