Urban Climate Architect

The GREENPASS Urban Climate Architect (UCA) training is the official GREENPASS training program for planners. By passing the UCA training, you have taken the first step towards a partnership.

As a UCA you are able to carry out and offer state-of-the-art climate-resilient planning with GREENPASS.
The UCA training helps you to:
  • a competitive advantage through state-of-the-art planning and certification tools
  • up to 90% time & cost savings when optimizing designs with regard to climate resilience
  • a competence & business area expansion to include climate-safe urban planning and architecture
Your customers will benefit from livable cities and architecture as well as possible cost optimizations.

Online training

The GREENPASS UCA training is a tailor-made 3-day online course.
It is aimed at all professional groups and organizations that are interested in offering their own customers optimized climate-resilient urban planning and architecture.

Course content

The GREENPASS UCA Training consists of a theoretical and a practice-oriented part and includes:

  • Basics about urban climatology & green infrastructure
  • Introduction to GREENPASS technology
  • GREENPASS Partner Sales
  • the GREENPASS software in practice
After passing the UCA training, a short pilot phase follows, with a specially acquired project, where what has been learned is applied and internalized to this project with the support of the GREENPASS projects team.


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Soon the UCA training will also be available Video‑on‑Demand.

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