Visualization of Biotope City Wienerberg

Biotope City Wienerberg

The city as nature – based on the same concept, the Biotope City Wienerberg in Vienna is the first official climate-fit greenpass platinum-certified urban quarter.

Project IDAT-2017-002
Project nameBiotope City Wienerberg
Project sizeapprox. 6.8 ha
1100 Vienna
WebsiteBiotope City Vienna
8 Building DevelopersARWAG
Wien Süd
Landscape DesignersAuböck + Kárász Landscape Architects
Knollconsult Umweltplanung
Green4Cities / greenpass Architects
RLP Rüdiger Lainer + Partner
Harry Glück
HD Architekten
Peretti + Peretti
schluder architektur
Environmental impact kitClimate Check, Pre-Certification Check, Certification Check
CompletionSpring 2021
Bewertungsblume Biotope City

The dense city as nature

Biotope City Wienerberg was constructed on the former Coca-Cola production site with approximately 950 flats, office spaces, a new secondary school, a kindergarten as well as shops, communal areas and extensive green and open spaces.

The Biotope City concept – the city as nature – developed by the Biotope City Foundation was born from the realization of the fundamental changes in the framework conditions of architecture and urban development due to climate change and rapid urbanization.

green spaces at Biotope City Wienerberg
Copyright: greenpass GmbH
  • world-wide 1st greenpass Platinum certified district
  • up to 2.2°C air temperature cooling on a hot day
  • approx. 950 appartments, 3/4 of which social housing

Biotope City Wienerberg is the world’s first official climate-smart and greenpass platinum-certified urban district. Greenpass has been involved in the project from the beginning, providing a status-quo and scenario comparison and assessing the environmental impact.

As a garden city of the 21st century, Biotope City Vienna responds to increasing urbanization and climate change by providing green spaces for recreation and urban gardening as well as sustainable water management. Through the participation of local residents and the creation of communal spaces for future residents, special importance is placed on social sustainability and good neighborliness.

“The Biotope City concept combines flora, fauna & people equally & reacts to the fundamental changes in the framework conditions of architecture & urban planning due to climate change, biodiversity loss & rapid urbanization.”

Helga Fassbinder PhD
Initiator Biotope City Foundation Amsterdam
Simulationmodels Biotope City Wienerberg


A greenpass Pre-Certification was already performed at an early stage for the Biotope City Wienerberg in order to analyze and optimize the building structure and open space in terms of their impact effectiveness.

Based on the expert system ENVI-met®, the digital models created in the greenpass editor have been simulated.


In the subsequent planning process, the Biotope City Wienerberg was accompanied by a greenpass certification for further optimization (OPT) and quality assurance. In addition to reference scenarios (worst case – moderate case – best case), the planning was further more compared to the initial situation (status quo) and shows a clear improvement in all urban challenges.

Facts about the comparison of optimization and status-quo
PET 15 Uhr Übersicht der Biotope City Wienerberg


In the planning process, the impact performance of Biotope City Wienerberg was increased from GOLD to PLATINUM on the basis of the greenpass analyses and recommendations. With an overall fulfillment rate of 93%, Biotope City Wienerberg is the first greenpass Platinum-certified and officially climate-friendly urban district in the world.


The project ensures a multitude of qualities for residents and neighbours. In addition, bonus points were awarded to Biotope City Wienerberg for biodiversity, vegetation structures, species-rich herb layer, protection of plant species, habitat structures, bee and bird pasture as well as nesting and breeding sites.

In terms of resources, the project scores more points with the use of recycled materials, rainwater treatment and smart irrigation systems.

In the social sphere, bonus points were awarded for private open spaces, communal areas and outdoor accessibility.

Heatmap of Biotope City Wienerberg
impact graphic biotope city