visualization of KUHLIO with temperature decreases

KUHLIO Frankfurt

This residential project is the 1st greenpass Gold certified building in Germany and makes a positive contribution to a better urban climate and a high level of comfort.

Project IDKUHLIO Frankfurt
Project nameDE-2020-004
Project sizeca 0.5 ha
LocationKuhwaldstraße 51-55,
60486 Germany
Design teamilter Architects
SHK Landschaftsarchitekten
CustomerStrabag Real Estate (SRE)
Environmental impact kitPre-Certification Check, Certification Check
greenpass evaluation flower for KUHLIO project

KUHLIO cools urban heat islands

The KUHLIO developed by STRABAG Real Estate (SRE) was the first property in Germany to be awarded a greenpass certificate.

For SRE, this was the first joint project and a kind of test and examination run to see what tasks and what added value greenpass brings in planning and certification for developers.

Visualization of KUHLIO in Frankfurt

“The greenpass certification fits in with our strategy for developing future-proof, sustainable real estate. Especially in times when adaptation to climate change is becoming more and more important, the certification has shown us which small details are sometimes important.”

Simone Walser
Head of Innovation Management STRABAG Real Estate

In the planning phase of the greenpass GOLD certified project, the use of buildings, materials and greenery was given a new status and was iteratively optimized jointly between the client, the planning team and greenpass in order to ensure a high level of comfort and make an important contribution to climate change adaptation as well. The project shows that a high proportion of greenery can be combined with climate-resilient architecture and building greening in residential construction.

  • climate-resilient architecture
  • biodiversity & rainwater mangement
  • the air temperature is cooled by up to -0.3° C

Green, airy & livable

In addition to the intensive greening to optimize thermal comfort in the inner courtyard and the gardens, the planning also focused primarily on the topics of rainwater management and biodiversity.

The many unsealed areas, together with extensive green roofs and retention boxes, ensure that not a single drop of rainwater runs into the sewer system. Diverse planting and vegetation structure as well as the use of a bee hotel on the roof promote biodiversity in the city.

The thermal storage capacity was reduced and improved through the targeted use of ground-based facade greening.

Peter Küsters

“At the KUHLIO, greenpass was able to prove & optimize that green can do more than just be beautiful. Not only in the KUHLIO quarter, but also beyond the construction site, ensures a measurable improvement in the quality of stay and inner-city biodiversity.”

Peter Küsters
Greenpass Germany


By using simulation-based analyzes from greenpass, it was possible to optimize the overall environmental impact of the property in the planning phase. Especially in the areas of climate and energy, the quality could be significantly improved in the joint process.

KUHLIO is COOL in the truest sense

With simple measures, such as additional bushes and trees as well as the targeted positioning of these, the air temperature is cooled by up to -0.3° C additionally on a typical heat day. By reducing the thermal exhaust air flow, the project also has a positive effect on the urban climate.

Simulationmodel of KUHLIO by greenpass
Simulationmodel of KUHLIO by greenpass and analysis of different scenarios

The project also has a high thermal comfort and could be improved compared to before and results in a perceived temperature that is up to -16.9° C cooler.

The water requirement for the plants could also be jointly reduced in the optimization phase and the CO₂ storage increased. The approx. 0.4 hectare green area and more than 40 trees add up to almost one hectare of leaf area.

The project also makes many important contributions in the bonus areas of biodiversity, resources and social issues through e.g. communal areas, accessibility in outdoor areas, smart lighting concepts, avoidance of animal traps and the use of regional and ecological materials in gardening and landscaping.

Andreas Hülsken

“We are proud that the quality for our residential ensemble KUHLIO was confirmed with the 1st greenpass Gold Certificate in Germany & we also actively use this in communication with our customers.”

Andreas Hülsken
Division manager STRABAG Real Estate


The 1st greenpass Gold Certificate in Germany is confirmed in the project with an overall degree of fulfillment of 76% and underlines the performance of a sustainable showcase project in residential construction.

Do good & talk about it …

Sustainable and future-proof developments are not only indispensable for a successful adaptation to climate change. But are also in the responsibility of the building developer as well as the proof of the environmental impact on the population and the neighbors.

Greenpass acts also consciously as an active instrument in means of communication during and after the planning process or implementation to make the many services of buildings, materials and plants on the environment and us humans visible.

With KUHLIO, the SRE is taking on a pioneering role in terms of sustainability and shows how contemporary, climate-active & future-proof real estate can be designed.

“The origin of the name of KUHLIO has regional or local origin – but we are happy that greenpass and others have also shown that KUHLIO also cools the urban climate in a broader sense and is cool.”

Florian Kraus
CEO greenpass