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Biotope City Wienerberg – a real utopia showing an urban living in harmony with nature

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The dense city as nature

The Biotope City Wienerberg is a nature-inclusive urban quarter in Vienna completed in 2021. Roof gardens, green facades and 289 trees work as a natural cooling and fresh air machine profitable for humans, flora and fauna – offering habitats for birds, insects and small animals. It’s the world’s first official climate-fit and greenpass Platinum-certified urban quarter with approx. 950 appartments whereby a large part of them is even social housing. The neighbourhood was built according to the sponge city principle ensuring a good rainwater management. A large part of the area got unsealed, and the residents were involved in participatory processes. Using the greenpass method, the positive effects of the comprehensive green spaces and building greening was demonstrated and proven. Results show 2,2°C lower air temperature and 23°C lower felt temperature on hot days.

green spaces at Biotope City Wienerberg
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Like many European cities, Vienna is disproportionately affected by climate change, as demonstrated by the annual increase in average temperature and heat days. Greenpass addresses the challenges of a changing climate and helps to make evidence-based decisions on climate change adaptation.

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