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Climate-fit real estate & open spaces

Climate change and its challenges put real estate and open space design under growing pressure.

A modular kit for environmental impact

Performance Cards bundle

Our software-based environmental impact kit allows to assess and adapt real estate and open spaces comprehensively and successfully towards the challenges climate, water, air, biodiversity, energy and costs.

To ensure climate resilience, future-proofness & the growing regulations in ESG sector & EU Taxonomy.

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Simple & easy

The greenpass environmental impact kit can be applied for several use cases and assembled for the scope of your situation

World’s first 1-stop-shop for environmental impact services

All environmental impact services at one point – simply everywhere via worldwide applicable technology & international partner network

1-stop-shop & cloud platform connecting all involved persons
Unique environmental impact kit specifically for your use case
Comprehensive & reliable environmental impact checks
Digital twin as single source of truth (SSOT) for expert simulations & scenario evaluations
Scientific impact KPIs, dashboards & measures allowing cost/benefit optimization & adaptation
API to your extern or intern ESG reporting software
More impact checks soon to come (water, acoustic, energy, …)
Let’s help you get started!

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One environmental impact kit for all your use cases

The greenpass platform & 1-stop-shop connect customers & partners offering a unique kit of environmental impact checks for plenty of use cases

The free cockpit serves as base for all your projects, communication and collects all your environmental impact services at one point. Pricing is related to your project size & choosen add-ons.

The larger your project sizes the cheaper the price.

Need help to find your tailored environmental impact kit?

State-of-the-art technology for assessment & optimization of climate-fit real estate

The greenpass environmental impact kit consists out of 6 impact checks. The modular kit delivers state-of-the art digital-driven and holistic 3D impact analysis based on a digital twin and expert simulations. Allowing fact-based scenario comparison and to optimize cost/benefit efficiency with a standardized process all over the world.

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Impact checks

up to 6

Urban challenges

up to 50+


*accepted among others by European Commission (2021): Evaluating the impact of nature-based solutions – Appendix of methods







International certification standard for climate-resilience

combinable with additional green building certification solutions like e.g. LEED, BREEAM, DGNB/ÖGNI, klima:aktiv and many more.





Fact-based decision making & easy-to-understand communication of your positive environmental impact

impact tile investment green
impact tile nature-inclusive urban district
impact tile air temperature
impact tile sealed area
impact tile trees
impact tile sponge city
impact tile year subscription
impact tile leaf area

Transparent reporting & documentation

The greenpass results are summarized in a digital report with impact figures, graphics and optimization recommendations. The information and illustrations can be used for sustainability reporting, marketing and external communications.

greenpass reporting
greenpass reporting


plenty of benefits in daily life by using the innovative environmental impact kit from greenpass

Fact-based decision making
Regulation fullfillment (e.g. EU Taxonomy)
Up to 20% higher real estate market value
Cost/benefit efficiency
Future-proofness and investment security
Higher climate resilience and quality of life
Higher customer satisfaction and lower tenant fluctuation
Holistic and impactful climate adaptation
Climate-fit real estate and open space

Urban Climate Architects (UCAs)

Find your local UCA and official greenpass partner out of the worldwide expert network – supporting you to develop climate-fit real estate and open space.

Or do you want to become a UCA? Find more information in the partner program section.

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